Elle Yarns are based in South Africa. The Elle collection uses a lot of UK courtelle within it's base ranges as well as bringing us a very dynamic collection of specialist fancy yarns from around the world.

Elle colour trends can be summarized into 4 different catagories, Delicate, Glamorous, Beastly and Bizarre. Delicate yarns are vaporous, soft, warm and cosy, in transparent cosmetic colours. Glamorous is representative of the plumage of exotic birds in vivid and precious shades. Warm tones of red, hot pink and purple fire up this palette. Beastly gives all the characteristic of animal hairs and furs. Voluminous yarns in the bright, natural shades of strong wild textures. Bizarre gives us cold, metallic, mysterious shades for organic surfaces, scales and wrinkles in random-dyed yarns. Cool shades of grey, greens and blues are evident in this palette.

Last Updated: Tuesday, 18 June 2019 12:43